Annus Mirabilis

sotd: polite – clay borrell.

Opening up with a little carphone anecdote because at this rate my life is about to be consumed by all things carphone and honestly that’s not a fun thing – I enjoy it and all but realise that I will have to jump off that ship eventually or be sucked into a sales job for the rest of my life.

Last night in a semi-drunken stupor I professed my fear of going to work today, because today was the day I returned to the toll, working again with the manager that hired me in the first place. So yeah that was kinda weighing on my mind.

It probably didn’t help that I drank more than I’ve ever done (which wasn’t exactly a huge feat) but yeah I finally found out what drunk is, it’s amusing, like that time when I was actually sleep deprived, vision was all funny and I just couldn’t think straight, called a taxi which took a little too long and just slurred out the directions once we almost got there. I was still kinda cogent, couldn’t type for shit.

Then when we got back bunked out, convinced I was going to throw up, then people started snoring so I took the sofa bed, but we hadn’t pulled it out fully so it was this tiny little square that was slanted so I tried sleeping on a slope that could barely fit me curled up. The watch says I got 3 hours sleep which is far from optimum but dunno at work I was still buzzed, one thing I’ve realised is just how effortless it’s become now. I can just slip into the salesman, even sleepdeprived and brain getting bathed in toxins I managed to pull off 4 subs, whilst the other guy who had been with the company full time for years did 1. I think that chat my boss had with me about the reason that he hired me was because I wrote “potential to be the greatest salesman ever” really hit home, I’m excited for where this is going.


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