Sotd: good liquor – nick lopez haven’t listened to the one in the while and s/o to Marissa for killing it in that mumble. 

I’m not sure what to write about today, maybe about just doing it all. I think I’ve realised my major gripe with all this higher education is the fact I have to choose, that I have to actually just sit down pick one and be happy with that for at least 4 years. I don’t think that appeals to me, I like being able to take the best aspects from each and do that. Just drawing and designing stuff is as fun as understanding random theories. 

One of my colleagues who I’m convinced is a dumbass pretty much summed it up when he professed how ridiculous it was that we’re meant to decide this early on. I know you can change after a few years but still that is just moving from one silo to another. 

I just like the old way, maybe I was born a few centuaries too late but I like the idea of being a polymath, a lawyer, engineer, scientist and mathematician. University provided tools for one to be able to think, use rhetoric and apply our knowledge and beyond that not much else. That’s what the vice chancellor of Oxford mentioned, her desire to see university creating critical thinkers who could apply that to every facet of their life – not departmentalised drones who will lose their jobs when the robots come. (a bastardisation of her point that makes it sound like a dystopian terminator endgame)


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