Run Time

Sotd: almost famous – geazy

I’ve got a few websites that I go on whenever I don’t really have anything to do. Primer magazine, Gizmodo, tech radar and art of manliness. For some reason I always feel weird typing that, perhaps I’m ashamed that you need help to be manly and then the social justice warriors proclaim that okay that we aren’t the paragons of masculinity we were in the past and that in the future the world should be ruled by effeminite non binary females. 

After that long digression the post is about this guy I read about on there, Walter or wilbert or probably nothing like that and his workout. Basically he reached the nfl just doing press ups, pullups, crunches bodyweight squats and hill sprints but this isn’t like small numbers he was doing thousands of each every day. I kept thinking about how cool that was, how cool it would be to do that. That’s something you can say when it’s someone who takes steroids and has access to a 24/7 gym but when the guy only does bodyweight stuff you don’t really have an excuse. 

So I think this is me just committing to do that stuff whenever I have free time because it’s a good way to use it and frankly even if I don’t get to nfl standard it’s just useful. That also just translates into more of an ability to take action, do things you don’t want to do and shut out the thinking mind. 


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