The Digg

Sotd: let’s go – Chicago cubs. Probably isn’t a real song but whatever. 

The last few days have been what I would describe as progressive overload. That is every night I go to bed exhausted after watching way too much YouTube and then the next morning feel a little tired then continue this cycle on and on until eventually I die of exhaustion. 

As Jake Paul so succinctly puts it “it’s everyday bro” and eh yeah kinda. Despite the fact there isn’t really much to do in terms of school stuff there’s still tonnes of stuff to do. A quick search brings up two Cambridge summer schools- both of which I’m away for but the idea is there is lots I could be doing. We got hit by a biology olympiad yesterday that despite being semi inconsequential if you performed well there was an opportunity to join the olympiad training camp which would be sick. 

So the idea is that for another week running im pissed at myself for doing nothing. 

Finished s5 today which is wildin because that’s senior school almost over. 


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