Bryan’s Law

Sotd: king kunta – Kendrick lamar

Start of the holidays and I’m in carphone again and yeah today’s post is just about the cool stuff that happens here. 

Some old ass guy comes in, not really that old but seemed kinda rich with his tie that matches the cufflinks. So whatever sell the guy a contract then we’re just kinda chatting whilst the data transfer is running, get into the school part and he seems genuinely interested/knowledgeble to the fact he knew about prizegiving and that. Which is weird because his kids are way older than me. We kinda talk about more and make some small talk about future plans and he mentions that he’s part of this huge kinda conglomerate that supports the private schools in Edinburgh (not my school though) and that they run this scholarship for kids under 18, then the penny drops. We realise that I can sign up and yeah we kinda just burst into smiles. 

So yeah, I reckon I’ll be seeing the guy again. I think in all honesty this is what carphone has really taught me, to ask and receive. When you see an opportunity press on it and reap the rewards. It’s crazy how just enquiring has given me this kickass opportunity and yeah blessed. 


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