Sea Water

Sotd: young love – huey mack. Young man always in the docs, frankly I don’t really lik.e his songs apart from sun tan but this is okay partly because I thought this was hoodie allen at first. 

So after the shite fest that was yesterday (well that’s probably the wrong word, it was really quite lovely) and yeah chilling on the train back pulled out that iPad with the keyboard case (which id totally forgotten I’d owned until the night before) wrote up a decent idea for the scholarship thing – consulted with the father which was nice, I don’t talk to the guy about important stuff nearly enough and wrote up a CV for a gap year placement that for some reason seems to be taking applications despite the programme starting this september. 

Do realise I will probably need to do some more background reading for subjects other than biology but what’s actually interesting about chemistry?? And that gap year thing actually sounds sick, I’ll sign up this year, I’m expecting they’ll just say it’s a mistake and I’ll sign up next year but writing up the CV it was surprising just how suited it would be for my interests. 

But even if it’s unlikely the parents would ever let me do that, dad’s still too traditional and convinced that what you choose for uni you do for life which sounds like a harrowing