Laidback Luke

sotd: sail – awol nation because justin had it in the triweekly doc.

SO I’ve been watching the supreme drop videos because honestly it just amazing how much people drop on stuff that frankly looks awful. There’s kids wearing strange post soviet designers which frankly looks awful. Like I get some stuff, bogos look alright if you’re kinda willing to drop a few hundred, well as long as they’re good quality, but then again I got this tee for like 25 quid that is super nice quality and I kinda doubt it can get much better. But like some shit is justified because it just looks cool, I could see myself shelling out for a cdg converse or the kith coke converse but like when people are buying supreme jeans that’s just ridiculous.

was writing one of my “peace out” applications today I thought about this old blog post I wrote, I kinda wanted to write in the personal statement about how I looked to improve my social skills from a young age and that my plans had come into fruition, and I found the old post with some kinda miracle because frankly I’ve never bothered with proper tags nor titles. I decided not to include it because I don’t think they wanted me to admit I’m a natural introvert but yeah it was nice to see a post I’d written two years ago talk about my plans to start volunteering as a greenpeace advocate in order to build up social skills by constantly talking to customers, then in the comment section someone recommended I start at a carehome and yeah started at the local care home a few months after that and now finally I have that job similar to the greenpeace advocate, crazy shit man.