Dead Dog

sotd: say my name – odesza.┬áDefinitely the song I would start my shuffle career with but thankfully I doubt my life will ever reach the point where I have to start a shuffle career because honestly all that shaking would ruin the moobs.

So today can be a cheeky little meditiation on something I encountered a few days ago at carphone, perhaps it is my opportunity to write my thesis on human behaviour or something like that. Some guy comes in all prepared with the deals he found online, now we always shit ourselves when this happens because carphone as a company are dicks, the network we run has its own website which is cheaper than we offer in stores – so yeah we’re screwing ourselves. That’s only really for cheap phones but for the expensive ones we have which has deals that are astronomically better than we do which is bloody ridiculous. Anyway guy comes in, plops the mobiles deal on the table and yeah it’s like 4 pounds a month cheaper (which is a sizeable 100 quid over 2 years) and yeah. But then I realise, he still walked into this store, he wants a phone sold to him. SO yeah proceed to sell him the phone at a worse deal.

The take from it all? Dunno maybe he just wanted a chat with someone and that was worth the 100 or maybe its just the convenience factor, have me handle literally everything and then sign a document or two.

Dad’s always talking about the future that is AI, I believe that yeah 90% of jobs will be lost, easy. I can easily see my job at Carphone being taken, frankly we spend half the time trying to master the gear that will replace us. But in the end I think that nothing will replace human interaction. Sure I read homo deux where he goes over how machines can become more empathetic than humans as after all we’re just algorithms. I’m still skeptical, perhaps naive, but I still believe there is still something to just talking to other humans that no AI will ever emulate, some intrinsic factor that can’t be programmed in, either due to complexity or some ethereal reasons. I mean like all those idiots in LA talk about, maybe it is all about those positive vibes flowing.