How it’s Played

Sotd: white dude – lil dicky. So I had three mains songs from last summer that I pirated on strange Chinese sites that for some reason didn’t carry like bieber but carried lil dicky, hoodie allen and post malone. 

There’s a lovely little soliloquay in the blacklist when red is sure he’s about to get merked (I believe thats how the word is spelt) about all the experiences he wants to repeat again. I can’t remember the exact things but yeah it was just lovely. 

I think that is the idea of all of this, me trying to be able to do that cool shit, just get on flights when I want to and go to cool places. I think I’m spontaneous, I like seeing new shit if only to flex on the gram. 

I think with everything I’m doing that I’ve become too focussed on the prize rather than just enjoying the process, it’s some esoteric ass weird stuff I’m sprouting but yeah I need to just enjoy working and doing it every day. 

In other words let’s talk about how blessed I am to be in the UK, I was chatting to my second cousin who is stupidly smart, well at least I thought so. So she’s just had her exams for going to upper middle school or whatever and she’s ranked one thousandth in her district. What’s crazy is that last year she was somewhere around six thousandth. This girl who literally just spends all her time learning and revising isn’t even like top tier. What’s even scarier is that there’s a contigent of kids that could fill a high school that are doing better than her – crazy stuff. 

Like it is some real big fish huge fucking pond for her. What’s craziest for me about the ranking is that you can actually rank there. Here in Scotland I reckon a good number of people will get full marks, even more with just one off and so on. There’s no real ranking, it’s almost as if there isn’t really a competition here, it’s just pass a certain standard and no one care after that. 

What’s craziest for me is that we don’t technically have a upper a grade like an a star. That an a is a 30% gap between top and bottom and universities are somehow meant to guess who will do better than the other. So yeah this is my complain session, off to lop off some hair and then get some books.