My God

Sotd: hand of God – Jon bellion. Haven’t had a bellion song in a while so here it is. 

Cambridge open day today, I will write more later but Jesus I was sitting in a student life lecture and maybe when people are seperated from their parents they get tetchy but 75% of the questions were on the line of “how do I make friends” “are you sure I’ll make friends” “what if I don’t meet anyone”.

So anyway after bashing those nerds a few hours later I was stuck in a similar predicament. I’d booked a room at one of the colleges and my parents went back to a hotel. Now to make friends. Jesus Christ I often forget just how daunting it all is and yeah I grabbed dinner and kinda just looked around and see this huge ass group sitting around a big ass table, plucking up all the courage in the world I walk over and grab a seat and start chatting. And yeah simple as that, turns out people are actually quite decent and not scary beasts that you imagine in your head. Perhaps ordering steak and talking to a vegan first wasn’t the cleverest idea but fuck it. 

Anyway turns out they’re all from this school in england, we rope in another person on their own and they say they’re going punting (on a boat ride). Now usually I would’ve just gone back to my room and watched YouTube but I thought I’d gotten this far, I may as well go the full distance. 

So yeah just snuck in their school trip, their teachers just found it kinda funny I think, well they didn’t kick me out so yeah got a free guided tour on one of those boats which was lovely apart from when I got smacked in the teeth by the barge pole and have literally the most miniscule chip on my front two but shat myself because I was convinced they were gonna fall out. 

Moral of the story I suppose is approach approach approach and link up groups because that’s well fun. 

In terms of university honestly it’s lovwly, I have a few leaflets to read over and everything. But right now looking like st catharines is the one – partly because it was the first I saw but it doesn’t have the weird pretentiousness of kings and the rest of those not is it modern enough to be awful looking. 

One other thing is I have an interview for the gap year programme for next year, not sure whether to try or not, because if I go this year defo no Cambridge, so I’ll just apply next year, or just apply, if I get an offer ask to defer and see what happens. I think I will try – I need to start trying again. 

And yeah just seeing the amount of other applicants I realise I do need to get my ass in gear again and learn those a levels – all in all its been sick, Cambridge seems awesome and I stupidly bought a hat despite not having even applied for the school yet.