Issa Vibe

Sotd: pillow talking – lil dicky. 

So here I am plane home from cambridge. I’m literally melting because for some reason, I’m pretty sure I’ve got a fever because I read that microbe book and now convinced MRSA is coming for me. Plus its like 20 something degrees and a UK 20 degrees is like 40 in china. Like last night after I got back to my room (which was a terrifying ordeal because my block was still kinda getting renovated then I got jumped by this girl who kinda disappeared when we went punting and was roaming the college grounds in the early hours of the morning which was honestly so terrifying hearing twigs crunching in the dark and like the wooden construction planks flexing when you walk on them. Not gonna lie I shat myself when I opened my door and it kinda creaked but kinda sounded like a killer in my room. The troubles didn’t really end there, I was on fire trying to fall asleep, I decided to open the window and thank God for the catch because lowkey I wouldn’t be surprised if the window swung fully open and I swung with it and fell to my death. The next was to make a towel bed and after I realized the floor was quite hard just pulled the mattress off the bed and positioned that in front of the windows and then finally, content – fell asleep. So yeah was on a cheeky 3 hours sleep. 

Morning was nice enough, parents came to grab breakfast, some lovely food but then again they’re there to impress. The first day of primary school our parents came to get lunch as well and we had steak pie and roast potatoes, and every other day after that it was horse meat and bougie pizza. 

Saw the two teachers from yesterday, I don’t know if I mentioned that I never spoke to them, even whilst sneaking into their school trip, perhaps they were too polite to object or too oblivious to realise I wasn’t from their school. 

Met the kids from yesterday again which was honestly a bummer because I’d already said my goodbyes and yeah so it was nice kinda knowing people already but would’ve liked to meet more people. 

Had a chat about natural sciences (which I wanna do) with some principle teachers and got a scathing reply when asking about Scottish highers and that so yeah don’t think I’ll be applying to their college. 

One thing I have realised is that you do acclimatise to the college, at first I thought it was awful (Churchill college honestly looks like the very worst of 20th centuary design) but call it Stockholm syndrone, or maybe love but it warmed up to me and actually could be a contender. 

So yeah that was my day – because I’m a lazy git I’ll talk about everything else in tomorrows post because yeah time saving bitch.