Traded In Working

Sotd: blinkist – seems like a sick little app that does book summaries – unlimited for like actual decent books – haven’t actually heard one yet so who knows if computer said or not. Then again I have lost my headphones but whatever

One thing I’d actually like to say on this topic is the fact that I do need something like this to remind me of what I’ve read. I went to a bookstore and couldn’t remember which books I had or hadn’t read. And thinking of books I know I have read (I keep a list on the phone) I can’t really remember what I’ve learnt. I read some book on epigenetics ages ago and can’t really remember any advice it gave, the everything store probably told me that you should spend 20% of time innovating or maybe that was the Google book or who bloody knows. 
Maybe this app will be a godsend or ill just need to reread everything and create summaries. 

‘Til then peace out.