End of an Era

sotd: cherry hill, as much as I pretend that I hate russ, I really like his shit and really should’ve spent more time listening to the new album.

End of an era, partly for reasons but partly because of that one life at complex video where emily oberg left and literally everyone cried, partly because she’s the finest ting ever but also because there were so many fire comments because Emily is hardly the best endowed girl ever and people are just roasting her, the funniest one (which will be much less funny not in context) was “what is this little boy doing out of high school” which was honestly one of the funniest things I’d ever read.

but the other reasons were that my neighbours moved out today which was mad sad and we’re getting new ones sometime this week.

But today was my first driving lesson, well should’ve been my second but the guy got me confused with another asian kid around my age and gave him the lesson last week leaving me jilted at the altar.

I quite liked it, now I was convinced that your first driving lesson you literally just sat in the car and chatted but na I actually got to drive, it’s kinda fun, I didn’t really get scared because I know I’m not gonna die and it’s not my car so if I fuck it up, fuck it.

It’s remarkably easier than I thought it would be, when I look at cars with all the knobs dials and pedals it looks mad hard but dunno it wasn’t that bad.

Will probably talk more when I’ve done more than do a few gears and drive in a straight line but I dunno, it’s a useful skill to have and weirdly fun to drive in that straight line at okayish speeds but jesus I’m gonna end up scraping the side of the car on something, sitting on the left hand side I just forget there’s so much sticking out the right and yeah gonna end up making the instructor lose a whole lick of paint on that side.