Alexa Darling

sotd: gooey glass animals.

Just bought an amazon alexa because I’m below the amount of money I’d like to have in my current account and yeah just went fuck it and bought it – mad impulse buy. (of course I’m kidding, it’s £35 and I’m likely gonna use it for like 5 years so honestly it’s a nice little investment plus it means I’ll finally use my harmon kardon soundsticks which were worth way too much compared to how much I use the guys.

So ate shit at work today, tired af and need to get ready for alphascholar and shit like that because I’m kinda underslept and need to get it done soon which is kinda scary, did a kinda mock one today and jesus I just couldn’t get it out. I have 3 more days till I need it done I think (total lie, it’s like a day and a half so I’ll make sure I get decent shuteye tonight and gym tomorrow to get those brain cells firing before I go make the pitch of my life. (not really but whatever) I mean I probably wouldn’t even go this year if I got  in – maybe ask for a deferred or maybe it’s just brilliant experience.

Whatever just chilling in my room falling in love with a little black squircle called alexa and yeah all is good, realised I don’t need to do everything perfectly – I just need to do it.