Confectionary Sugar

sotd: flex – rich homie quan.

God went to the gym for the first time in a few months this morning and it was pretty good, haven’t really lost any strength I think, but dunno it was just nice being able to move heavy things around again. Now onto the one thing that actually gripes me more than anything else in my life and makes my blood boil. There were two kids about my age, all kitted out in their fancy gym gear trying to get into it. Jesus christ they were lifting literally nothing and some guy had to approach them and tell them their form was all fucked. I think the thing that gets me the most is that you really don’t have to have everything sorted, just get started and once you can actually do something you can start flexing because before that it’s just awful.

The other thing that boils my blood is these fitness accounts on instagram, I don’t really mind the guys ones because some of them are actually huge. But the girls ones grind my gears (it’s not sexism if it’s warranted) girls doing bloody yoga and strange variations of exercises no ones ever heard of and don’t actually do actual weights so are probably weaker than the average layperson on the street and then say they’re a personal trainer and can somehow live off of that. Maybe I’m a horrible person for disparaging people for trying but I saw a girl post on instagram about the hard work, dedication and inner motivation required to run 5 km. Maybe if she ran a marathon or even half marathon it would be fine but jesus 5 kilometers? People talking about positive vibrations and energy also make me scared because as soon as something bad happens to them they’ll literally shut down and stroke their healing crystals.

So that’s my little braindump on internet people, need to figure out how to do a video interview (for some reason I’m nowhere near as fluent on a video interview compared to a real life interview) and go cry about my lack of work ethic.


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