Freedom + Choice pt2

sotd: something by the chainsmokers because alexa is a dick head that doesn’t work half the time and makes you listen to amazon prime instead of anything else and the only actual artist they seem to have is the chainsmokers.

So yeah, I had my little video interview which said had to be completed by

12:59:59 am on the 13th. Now any person with common sense automatically assumes that that indicates the time just when people are getting ready to eat their lunch. Wrong.


I checked the app because I was kinda scared that they would fuck me over and pull something like the stunt they pulled and they did so yeah, 9pm after dinner I sat my video interview. Went pretty well except the question where they asked for alternative plans for my gap year which is in 2 years time and I have no idea about so I just rambled about Newton’s annee mirabilis and hoped everything else would cancel it out.

took a little walk yesterday to just try and figure out what I would say to answer the questions, what they did was pretty simple and made a few little catchphrases. Now I’d looked at other people’s interviews and they had gotten a variety of questions but most prescient seemed to be “explain your motivations.” and that seemed pretty natural compared to the rest of the questions since I was applying for a gap year programme where no one expects any business knowledge nor work experience so that cancelled out half of the questions.

So after a long ass walk, some chicken and a guilty maple pecan twist I came upon an answer I quite liked, it probably isn’t the real reason but whatever who really cares.

Freedom and choice, the idea of why shouldn’t I be able to do something. I like having options, I like being able to choose what I spend my time doing and hate being told what to do – even if it is what I was going to do anyway. I’d like the options to do what I want, and to be able to go to university, whichever one I want or to go and work wherever I want. It kinda stretches into the rest of my life as well, I don’t want to ever be in a position where I can’t do something because of some circumstance, I want the freedom to be able to do what I want.

I would write more but I’m tired and need something to write about in the more formal blog on sunday so till then.


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