Walk Up

sotd: heavy – oh wonder, because they dropped the new album today and it’s quite nice.

So I got a call today and I got into the next stage which is great because I was genuinely scared as shit that I had fucked up with the last question. And of course that leads me on to the post today – look at that transition.

So last question was “what non academic achievement are you most proud of.” and yeah launched into my autistic barage¬†about how I used to be a little autist.

And jesus I was just thinking about it today, I used to be a weirdo. Like there’s texts I remember sending and I just shudder at the thought of it. Like I remember sending someone a text of “oh did you watch <strange obscure video>” they said no and then I replied with “oh haha, well it’s really awkward” and then they never replied again. Like it’s just harrowing to think about that, like I was probably sending things like that on the daily, I only remember that particular one because I sent it on christmas¬†day. That and weird patterns of thought about social things and how people thought and yeah oh god it was awkward.

I’m better now, hopefully. I still dip in and out of the spectrum every now and then but I’ve kinda developed it and if I brace myself it’s alright.

So yeah weak post but whatever, one a day baby. (plus I think I’m coming up on the two year anniversary soon) (sesh or die part two?)