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Sotd: the ratio – Oliver francis

I’ve lost it. The gift of the gab, the million dollar mouthpiece, the abc spouter. I went in on tuesday and ate shit and then ate shit today as well. I still did kinda well, sold 2 out of 3 contracts but there were just so many opportunities that whilst I could be excused for not closing I know I should’ve been able to get them. I’m not sure what’s caused it, perhaps I have just lost momentum or just forgotten how to sell.

Or perhaps it is all correlative. Perhaps we were just having a good few weeks and luckily I was able to clinch a few contracts despite my poor sales ability. And now that days are bad in general I’m just convinced that I’m the bad one.

One thing I’d like to say is that it’s way too easy to make money these days, there’s just so much money in the world its crazy. Kids with a camera and some video editing skills can make more money in a year than their parents made in a decade by doing commercials. A company such as Nikon which previously paid millions for a tv commercial can pay a 16 year old ten thousand for a youtube video that has double the engagement and save them a bunch of money.

Gary keeps talking about this being the future but I’m not sure, eventually the market becomes saturated and once everyone can do it no one cares, I’m not sure what the future is, but it’s not going to be one of those kids in the youtube comments saying “sub for sub, creators link up.”