Freud Friend

sotd: that song where the guy talks about his gucci fit because gucci is fit.

So last night I had three dreams in succession, wouldn’t say quick succession because yeah you’re asleep with no concept of time. One was just weird as hell, my mother for some reason was about to have a second child which is kinda suspect because as much as I love my parents they’re way too old to be having kids. Now I spend the whole dream being anxious about my mum getting a c section and my little brother not getting that mad bacteria that you get from a natural birth and I was thinking of ways that I could give my brother that bacteria without having to swab my mother’s vagina and rub it on his face. (this may seem like the weirdest thing ever but it is actually a medical thing that people do these days.

The first one, chronologically was me going to summer camp, and I was sitting beside someone on the bus and it was just a vibe, like everything was flowing conversationally, sure there were lulls but they were comfortable lulls and yeah it was just a really nice experience and I was just smiling in my dream. I’m not sure I’ve ever really had a conversation where it just flowed, where it just felt awesome and yeah perhaps that’s a goal, to have a conversation worthy of my 17 year old dreams.


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