Oh Diyah

sotd: rolex – ayo and teo. This has ben one of those Bent-lee songs and hadn’t heard it properly till last night and yeah was fire.

I’m kinda mad at myself, kinda happy. Well fuck that I’m not happy but I feel like it was probably needed. So with the londonĀ gap year programme I was in the final few, basically all I needed to do was chat with a managing partner for an hour on skype and seal the deal. The programme would’ve started September 2017, but I would’ve just asked to defer and hope that worked.

Like I really want to do that programme, it is something that I honestly believe I would thrive in, being able to work in a rapidly growing company, offices around the world and a sick culture (I mean they went to india for a company trip last year) and actually doing something I’d be excited to do). I realise that if I had done the interview, then told them I’d “lied” then they would shit on me and probably not even consider me next year. At least this way, they get a decentish impression of me and yeah I think it works out.

I think I just wanted the chance to flex on the fools and say I got into a gap year programme a year early, but just got to realise that I’d rather win than flex on those fools, so yeah sad times but until next year then.

So yeah, victories over flexing the lesson of the day.