Well To Do

sotd: am i wrong – nico and vinz because it was the first song on this stupid mix.

I’m literally two steps away from saying fuck this and throwing my phone in a bin and taking out an iphone contract. For the last few months my phone has just been on the blinker, getting stupidly hot for no reason, lagging at the most inopportune times and so on. I was playing chess on my phone yesterday and it was lagging and dropping frames, chess of all things.

Then there’s the inability to connect to wifi, every 10 minutes or so the wifi just drops, connects but then says there’s no wifi signal and after another minute it finally connects again. It’s not the most annoying thing that could happen but when you’re scrolling through and suddenly lose signal it’s the most infuriating thing. Then last night it decided to step it up a notch so it just cycled through no internet, no signal and “working” wifi every 2 seconds, so as I watch the icon on the top right spazz out I just couldn’t connect to wifi at all and yeah that was almost enough for me to commit seppuku and have it all over because honestly there’s nothing more frustrating. And yeah it’s still not better so I’m tempted to just buy a moto c and get it over with or steal a trade in from the box and pay that £100. Apparently my colleagues have done it before, and I’m angsty enough to attempt.

SO yeah no wise words today, no sage thoughts, just teenage angst.


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