Coconut Shy

Sotd: drive – oh wonder. 

I had an idea for this post – a real concrete idea that had substance, clarity, brilliance and depth but then I forgot about it all. 

So I’ll talk about something I brought up a few blogs ago, about winning. With this alpha sights nonsense behind me and a bunch of other programmes to apply to and of course university in a little concerned about not having enough to write about, I did some cool shit in s5 but I have no idea what I can do this year, what names I can take and things to do that I can actually definitively put down, I’ve a few ideas, British biology olympiad and a few others but I still need things I can do before I send off university applications which is a little too close for comfort, I realise I should probably start with a personal statement but then again I have a few dozen CVs and personal statements that have slowly improved, whilst they don’t cover some things I’d like to include they provide a decent general gist.

So yeah need to find things to do, or perhaps just knuckle down on what I have, get on that – perhaps this is just a way to procrastinate. 

What I have realised as I’ve started working again is that its easier to go for a few hours and not complain, I’m finally reaching the point where it becomes a habit and takes less effort to get into the right state which is a beautiful thing. 

I’ve realized that I don’t really find fun in chilling and watching television, sure I enjoy watching an occasional VOD whilst getting crushed in ranked play (I had this one week where I was stupid good and now just get my ass beat 24/7 because my elo is way too high) it’s more regeneration. Know thyself as the Oracle of Delphi says and yeah that’s something that I’ve learnt which is useful knowledge for the future. 


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