Papal Permission

What have we forgotten screams pope pius something or other from the papal balcony at the vatican. I would’ve loved to finish watching the young pope but it’s far too artsy to actually be entertaining to watch, but that one scene is iconic.

I beckon this now from my own little perch because it’s funny how I’ve forgotten all the old stuff I used to think about (that’s the point of the blog I think, so I can look back and build upon what I’ve learned.

So today’s throwback memory comes from the huge repository of youtube videos I have saved on my phone, mostly gary vee, redbeard and some others shouting at me and yeah. I forgot all about congruence, when your heart, head and skinny penis are in line (welll actually it was thoughts words and actions but I thought the representative body parts would be good enough). What this actually means in non woo-woo osho words is that I need to figure out something and actually have concrete reasons for it and just being able to go all in.

I’ve been thinking that this hesitation to go in on the work has been because I’m lazy or a slob, but there’s no such thing as being lazy, everyone is when they’re not doing shit they want to do.

SO yeah, next week gonna figure what I want done and what I can do to do that. deuces


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