Stock Up

Sotd: need to find more of these because I haven’t bothered looking for new music in years. 

So just remembered I’m going to struan for a week next week where there is approximately 0 Internet and the added bonus that my phone no longer responds to WiFi means I’m to write 7 posts plus a bonus for next week, except it’ll be this week because of the magic of scheduling. 

I’ve no idea what to write about for all 8 posts but here’s number one. 

I went to go get my eyes tested today, that shit always gives me anxiety, I’ve got stupidly bad eyesight, and yeah it’s the one thing that continues to fuck me up. Like whenever people ask how bad my eyesight is I just kinda mutter, convulse and turn the other way. 

Perhaps I draw the insecurity from lex luthor in dc comics whose sister is about to die, he knows that he can save her but doesn’t do anything for fear that he fails and the girl dies. That’s what it’s like for me – I doubt its bad enough I lose my eyesight, but there’s so much more I could do to improve it. For example I try harder for my high school classes than my eyesight – something that’ll be with me forever for fear I fuck up. I have a few things like this in my life, I can’t really bring them to mind right now but they’re there because whenever it comes up I just get this pain body attack and act all defensive. Perhaps I should address it in case of some Guantanamo bay style interrogation but honestly it’s nice having things that freak you out every now and then. 


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