Sotd: gene Simmons – Oliver francis

I have these girls on Snapchat who went to my old school and I still tenuously know and Jesus their Snapchat stories actually make me want to jump off a bridge. 

What really gets me is the amount of times they complain either about how bad their lives are or how happy they are. It just flip flops between awful and incredible every few hours and that just confuses me. 

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I was properly sad, true I felt a few sniffles coming on when I declined the alphsights interview but I think that was hayfeverbut I haven’t bawled properly in a while – certainly not about something another person had done. 

And in terms of being at peak elation, sure I’ve been stupid happy, when the YBSS invitation came in I was smiling for hours or when I was sitting in front of that port in Spain eating these lamb ribs that were probably one of the greatest things I’ve ever tasted but I dunno it just seems more spaced out than that. 

I’m not sure what my point is, I’m certainly not condoning the emotional everyday rollercoaster, maybe I need more of that in my life but it was just something I’ve always noted and wondered if that had anything to do with outside factors. I’ve been reading this book about gut bio and how that can affect mood and maybe it’s telling that the people freaking every night are the ones eating takeaway every night. 

This does seem awfully critical on reflection, whatever I still have a couple more posts to write and not enough ideas to scrap this one. 


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