Ligand Bands

Sotd: ultralife – oh wonder. Because it’s just so adorable. 

Durham open day, suitably impressed scared and confused all in one. 

Sorta off topic sorta on topic is this idea of Cambridge exams, the fact that being Scottish I will just have to learn the bloody English course during the summer is just kinda annoying but then I forget just how many weeks I have and I’m okay. 

I’ve kinda briefly considered not revising and going off my coattails but chatting today with some English students it’s quite scary some of the things that the SQA have deigend unimportant and just not bothered to teach us. So hopefully the boss man hasn’t got me too many shifts, on the topic of work which is the only real thing going for me right now bossman decided to pay me an extra 11hours last week (well I had worked them, but we had agreed I wasn’t to be paid as it was technically work experience) and took some heat off the bigger boss man all because he was so impressed with me destroying the rest of the store that week.

Honestly he’s the sweetest guy sometimes, after I destroyed my old store, rather graciously he sent me a text simply saying “what you did today, do that again when you’re back in store” which is honestly very sweet and yeah I appreciate that kinda shit. 

I’ve been thinking about this business thing that I got introduced to yesterday and I’ve got a kinda cracking idea which kinda draws together all those stupid little lectures I’ve been sneaking into, it’s getting exciting. 

Anyway about the whole Durham open day thing, had fun, I’m actually quite interested. But not really, for some reason this university thing seems a little underwhelming, true I still haven’t checked out the apex of it all so hopefully I’ll enjoy that. 

There’s this line of thought I’ve been having recently about how one should never realise their dreams because once attained they’ll never live up to the real thing and you’re disappointed better to keep chasing it and reap the rewards of that (aware I just totally ripped off Gatsby but fuck it) maybe it’ll all be boring and I’ll settle into the monotony of life but perhaps it gets extraordinary. Checking out a few gap year programmers and other things that could be sick. Though should probably be prescient to the fact that I should really start learning those damn English qualifications. 


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