Weak by Design

Sotd: something by imagine dragons

I’ve been reading this book by jared diamond which has actually been really good, I’d read one of his earlier books ages ago but honestly it had kinda bored me, it was all about why whites won and everyone else lost human history. The third chimpanzee was his first novel I reckon because the other two novels of his I’ve read have just been strange continuations of chapters that had already adequately described the topic but got made into a whole book for the cash grab. 

So one part which I found really interesting was his talk about addiction and why people do destructive behaviour. The whole rationale behind it is to show just how strong you were, that you could survive death by alcohol or drugs and show just how cool you were. 

I’m using this to justify my death at the hands of alcohol, last two times I’ve gone out I’ve been far worse than I’ve ever been. Maybe I’m emotionally ruined, maybe it’s maybelline but for some reason I’m doing too much when I would probably have just as much fun on a thimble. Perhaps its teenage inhibitions getting lost or trying to be social. 

Who knows, but little concerned that I will end up in a hospital because I keep forgetting that I’m Asian and by virtue of that can’t go nearly as hard as my white compatriots. 


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