Do No Wrong

sotd: fake denim – quinn xcii.

rather foolishly at camp they let the 16/17 year olds become leaders, that is we’re in charge of a bunch of kids for meals and general activities, so me and this girl get sat down with a bunch of 13 year olds and yeah get forced to look after them for a week.

It’s surprisingly rewarding being a camp parent (a phrase that for some reason no one else uses) it was weird just helping these kids and making sure they were alright all the time, if kids randomly disappeared during meal times checking up on them, making sure they were all fed and every now and then making them a bowl of cereal for dinner.

It was nice being altruistic, just giving them everything you could and not looking out for just yourself, there were times when I had all my cereal eaten before I could have a bowl, or when I ended up giving my cake to some kid at a neighbouring table – it didn’t feel like losing, but just felt good to give to others.

I remember thinking I was crazy when I was making nutella sandwiches originally for myself but then ended up just giving them all away and not having anything, but it was the choice to give it away that was the interesting part, that I chose to give it away.

Perhaps altruism is the true way, to give unconditionally, or perhaps I’m just justifying the fact that I got bitched around by some kids for a whole week.


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