Paper Planes pt 2

sotd: finally change – huey mack.

because there’s probably a paper planes part one out there somewhere in my blog.

I think now that’s its august I’ve probably hit my two year anniversary, pretty damn sure it was mid july but who knows I could be wrong, it was kinda late in the summer when I started.

I don’t think I’ll bother with a big one this year, why celebrate the anniversarys when you just do it everyday. Kinda same thing for birthdays for me, I haven’t really ever gotten stupidly excited about birthdays in a good few years, but then again for the last few years they’ve been in the middle of exams when I’m too busy trying not to capitulate to actually bother with that stuff

finally met my regional manager today and jeez he’s a bit of a dick, my manager tells him I’m 16 and he just kinda looks at me like I’m a simpleton, then my boss drops the whole “best salesman” line and the guy pulls out his laptop and starts looking at my figures and roasting me, I was kinda embarrassed at first but then just realised fuck this guy, these figures are better than most of my store, so yeah kinda mad at the guy, now got things to do, people to see, shows to binge and formulae to learn. Adios.


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