Making Bales

Sotd: lust for life – lana del rey. Don’t really like the song or anything but I saw some girl talk about going to see lana del rey as if she was the second coming of Jesus who after 7 years ardent praying had been allowed a glimpse of the saviour at a concert.

So my lovely and affable colleague has apparently forgotten that he had a court hearing today and is now getting called in and apparently could get a warrant out for him so I’m stuck with my other colleague who is a salty motherfucker now.

And that brings me to the point of this post, the post I meant to write.

So other colleague is a swimming champion, like really damn good and last week I believe had Commonwealth trials.

So the guy had to swim a pb to get a swimming scholarship of about 10 grand, and then be able to join the team, if he doesn’t well that’s his chances scuppered, he’ll be to old to keep going. So in the heats he gets the pb, then misses it in the final.

Imagine spending 7 years working on something and everything being decided in that final 20 or so seconds, where a few tenths of a second clinch it for you. The pressure must be crazy and there’s no takebacks, you kinda have to just give everything in training because no redos, you don’t get to go over it again.

Maybe it’s a lesson for life, you don’t get redos so you may as well do everything you can do to prepare because afterwards there’s nothing you can do.