Sotd: inside my heart, brain and soul in 13 minutes – Gary vaynerchuck, not a song but it’s lovely.

It still amazes me how good these retargeting ads are on the Internet. I had promised myself I’d drive deep into SEO this summer but whatever, I know the basics, just need to work on the tools – anyway retargeting is those ads that you get after visiting a website but don’t buy anything, they’re designed to just remind you and hope you buy.

They’re not the most accurate thing, I still get these spinning tops ads when I haven’t been on that website in years and only checked it out quickly to determine the price of them. Point is its not perfect, it’s still a half baked product and they haven’t totally understood consumer behaviour.

When they do start being able to decipher everything. When they can tell your mood before you can and give you exactly what you need, that’s when everything in sales becomes redundant – there’s no point trying to sell something if there’s a tailored service that’s never wrong.

This of course relies on perfect search algorithms, perhaps I’m a naive luddite but I’m sure they’re outside of my lifetime. I hope I get proved wrong and we end up living in a simulation in a few years, the Internet is a crazy thing which has only been around for a few years and is growing stupid quick.

Honestly I’m babbling right now so bye, (btw this new WordPress app is hell on earth)