Straight Shooterz

sotd: worst – quinn xcii.

Writing this as I sit waiting for my driving instructor to pull up, the guy is flakier than a fine filo pastry. My first lesson he never turned up because he had got two asian students mixed up who were about the same age and had first lessons on the same day.

He sent me a text saying I had a lesson at 3:30 and me being an absolute idiot managed to read that as 1:30 as in 13:30, so was pumped af just after lunch ready to get back on the road, the clock turned to 3:30 and I was getting impatient at the guy for standing me up, by quarter to two I was already composing the text to dump him as my driving instructor.

Then I realised my faux pas and realised I had majorly fucked up.

I need to learn how to tell the time, it’s like that time I told my mum I finished work at 7, because the time said 17:00, and the store closed at 6, so I had to walk home in the rain.

The same thing with my cardinal points, I’m too sure how it worked but when I learnt them in chinese originally I learnt them all wrong. South was north, north was east, east had been taken up by north and south was west. Because it was kinda formed like that as a kid and who really uses cardinal directions anymore it’s not something I’ve rectified yet so I still shit myself everytime mum tells me in chinese that we’re going to a family holiday to south korea