Goji Deep

Sotd: don’t stop – blackbear

In my brain meld attempt to write a personal statement I’ve been reading all these examples online. It’s been rather instructive, firstly I’ve realised that either no one has any actual academic creditionals or achievements outside of grade 5 piano or that its all written in the teacher reference.

One thing that kinda scared me was some people talking about books, now I’d say I read a fair bit for someone my age, but I don’t really remember much just these little tidbits like cialdini taught me a few things but not really, same thing with kahneman and Jesus that book about epigenetics, I’ve forgotten just about everything, is methylation passed between generations? Who knows. The idea was to write little book summaries after reading each so I’d actually remember which is honestly a great idea but highly unlikely I ever execute on it.

As for what I want to study. Going by the books I’ve most enjoyed reading it’s marketing/human behaviour and its origins. I tried reading a brief history of time once and just got bored by it, didn’t really see any point learning about things that happened universes away. I do enjoy school physics, mainly because it has actual applications and is quite useful but the books, perhaps I don’t have enough wonderlust in my life or something but they just don’t do it.

But then there’s books like Tim Wu which I read in huge chunks and can’t stop reading. But then again there is the problem that I might be confusing ease of reading with likeability, copywriter’s write better books that physicists. So who knows, university choices are pretty soon and I have to decide classes pretty soon which are kinda important.

The question is whether to do more and flex on the kids or just do less and actually get some important stuff done in my spare time, I certainly don’t need to do 4 advanced except if I’m trying to get that duxhood but who knows, it would be the crowning jewel but is a sick gap year internship better? Or just do it all like last year and just go harder?


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