Results Day 2017

Sotd: morning song – lumineers

So yeah the fated day came today, the day I either got shafted by the SQA or my anxieties continued until Friday when I found out my bands.

It all started going wrong last night when I thought about just how fucked I would be if I got a B, that basically every university id planned to apply to wouldn’t take me anymore and that shit was just scary. Not helping was the fact that it was like 27 degrees whilst I was trying to sleep so I just ended up watching game of thrones.

I kept waking up sporadically throughout the night, checking my phone to see if it was time to get those goddamn scores texted to me. Then the dreams started coming, nothing awful just weird imaginings of me getting them, in one my whole year assembled at some coffee shop and they just handed out envelopes with our results in and another one they were flown in by storks.

Turns out I hadn’t signed up for text, but I didn’t know that so I spent a good hour or so shitting myself wondering where my scores were but yeah, the email eventually turned up in my spam folder which was great.

And yeah, that’s it I suppose, now to stress out about bandings.


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