Sotd: full circle – Quinn. Young man was fire and just been pressing skip everytime it comes on but it’s still fire.

A lot of weird shit happened last summer. I went to china, probably got heat stroke and went mad. I deleted all my social media, starting reciting these 21 tenants of an old Japanese samurai and basically sat in bed bored out of my mind contemplating my life. A few things that I’d noticed. Two years passed way too quickly, I could still remember what it was like last time I had gone and it was scary to think the time had passed so quickly. I must have decided on this idea I’ve had for a while about “standing out”. Not standing out like in a shouting in a crowd but academically.

This might sound weird but with our examination system it’s easy enough to get an A and I’m sure people are screaming at the injustice of saying that and that its incredibly hard but I think it’s set so that 30% of people have to get an A. There’s really anything else higher than that, we kinda have an A+ but no one actually looks at it. What scares me is this applying to university thing, if everyone has 5 As, what’s differentiator? Or is it all down to chance.

There’s always the personal statement but the ones I’ve read, even in the kids who are successful are just whoever can write the most cheesy bullshit Instagram fitness star caption about aspirations, dreams and lifelong passion.

My whole idea was just to write about facts not these myths, so yeah that’s why I started collecting names and shit I could actually put down that actually carried gravitas.

Like even just this summer I got into a bunch of cool shit that I can put down. Prague, Eindhoven, Mckinsey bain, alpha sights, edge hill, HSBC and EY sure I didn’t go to all of them (barely any let’s be honest) but it’s stuff I can talk about and helped me work on this bloody personal statement when I tried writing down what I wanted and what I liked.

I’m still not sure what to write, go full esoteric or factual, whilst factual looks cool it bores people. The only reason I ever got an interview for carphone was not being boring, but then again I wasn’t on equal footing with everyone else, here I am.

Thwn there’s the question of what to study, in terms of what I think I want to do, I think it is marketing and human behaviour it’s what I find most interesting right now and looking at what I’ve had the most fun doing it was writing copy for the spinners or figuring out how to do SEO for scope.

Who really knows, I’m young, I’ll find out later on but first there’s uni, that one gatekeeper into the world of work. I’ll still be applying to gap year things for next year though, I think a year in London working would help even if just to earn a little money to chirp on the kids.