Focus Run

Sotd: silence -khalid and marshmello

So I’m on the plane back from croatia and yeah it’s bloody freezing. I actually managed to burn in the sun for once, not horrible burns but my shoulders are kinda tender, I mean it took 5 hours swimming to get there but we got there in the end.

Yesterday was really chill, a few nights ago this kinda shady guy approached us and asked if we wanted to go get a boat to an island. Basically croatia had this national park with 150 islands and one of them he says is owned by this mafiosa and out of the goodness of his heart he lets Asian tourists visit it for a few hours, swim around and have some food. Suspect right, but my parents probably in an error of judgement agreed and yeah there we went.

It was great fun honestly, didn’t get killed by a mafia boss and didn’t find any suspicious parcels out at sea. My feet are totally cut up from the rocks but yeah loved it.

So yeah back to edin today and I’m a little scared, mother’s making us run straight to school so I can pick up my marks from my exam and that’s terrifying, basically if I do real well that shit can go on the personal statement and actually help, if I don’t there’s really no point and if I’ve done real bad then I’m kinda fucked for cambridge.

A little worried I’ve ruined my phone as well, I dropped it in the sea, broke the loudspeaker and for a bit we thought it wouldn’t charge but turns out the hotel had a defective socket, but my SIM card isn’t being recognized so there’s a chance I can never make a call with this phone again.

We sell 2 year contracts but genuinely I seen to consistently fuck up my phones after a year, it’s like this little timer before I start smashing screens and breaking corners off.