Retail Therapy

Sotd: silence – marshmello because yall sleeping on this song, fuck despacito – khalid wins.

So I got back to Edinburgh yesterday, body in pain from burns and cuts on my feet that have crippled me and mother forces me to go into school to get my exam results. There was this lovely guy who looked a little like the deez nuts guy who let me in and he was great and I hope he actually becomes our new janitor.

So I was pretty happy, a little confused about all my scores, I fucked the things I thought I’d do well in and did well in things I was convinced I’d failed. Overall I suppose I was happy, I got good results, perhaps not what I’d wanted exactly but good enough.

After that I ran off to some personal statement workshop an hour after it had started, there were only a dozen or so kids so the woman literally just shut me down as soon as I came in and everytime I tried to answer anything she just shut me down. I lesrnt a bit of stuff that was useful but it was kinda all ethereal rubbish that had no grounding in anything.

And here I am now, sitting around at carphone, trying to figure out what I need done. I have a stack of books on loan I need to read, things to learn and this crazy Egyptian girl who’s going to some summer camp I’m going to messaging me. I kinda wanna just spend some money right now, drop a hunnid on something, I think capitalism is getting to me but I’m kinda lost right now and need something to do, so destroying my bank balance will have to do.

Tempted to buy a fake-preme kinda thing which is actually really nice, but am I crazy enough to drop 50 pound on a tshirt? Maybe. We’ll see how much it all works out to but if my parents find out I’m getting crucified.

Or I buy a new pair of ultra boosts because the ones I’m wearing now are just kinda iffy, are black and I stupidly got uncaged ones.

2 hours till the drop, we’ll see what happens.