Lowkey Dancing

sotd: thunder – imagine dragons because I’m a total hoe for pop music.

sometimes you sit there listening to redbeard babble on and it just confuses you, when he confesses that he has more fun throwing his phone in the air whilst working 20 hour days than you will just sitting around watching tv all day you suspect something is a little off.

I didn’t really believe the guy, how could mundane little things bring you amusement in your life? I was wrong it turns out and my messiah came from the strangest place.

Day 2 at camp, doomed points out this girl and is like oh she’s kinda hot, because at camp we become the biggest creeps ever. The next day at sports we start talking to her, turns out she’s crazy. Not like mentally crazy but like living embodiment of internet memes and actually gets wet over jake paul songs – of course we instantly fall in love.

Now I’ve always been fascinated with these new dance moves like the whip and the other ones whose names i don’t know, I’ve genuinely always found it cool that just kinda moving your hands made these cool little routines. So the way she did it was like real lowkey, like just a flick of the wrist or single finger and yeah I just found it stupidly amusing it would honestly just drive me into hysterics.

That was two weeks ago and christ I find myself doing them randomly throughout the day, and everytime I catch myself doing it I just have a good laugh, it’s so ridiculous but is so amusing, so yeah I finally phone my redbeard phone throw – lowkey dancing like the crazy girl from camp.


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