Founder’s Letter

Recently I was reading a book, “How Google Works.” Schmidt discusses the founders’ letter from Google’s IPO in 2004. It plainly set out Google’s hopes and aspirations, its values and core beliefs. It’s remarkable reading it now, 11 years on and seeing how that letter still influences the running of the Internet giant today. The Founders’ letter was something that clearly spelt out the company’s future and acts as the company’s Ten Commandments. This post will act as my own Founder’s letter, containing my aspirations and goals for the near, and distant future.

For 15andsomething

  • A new habit I’m trying to instil in myself is that of daily writing. As someone once said: “Motivation is fleeting, but habits are forever.” Writing, for me, isn’t painless and so by instilling this practice and by honing my craft, I can become great at writing and learn to love it.
  • Though I will try and post daily there may be periods of inactivity: for exam season; trips on which I will be away from a computer for a time and maybe even a respite from writing to help me create higher-quality content in the future.

For Myself

  • To find a mentor, be it official or unofficial, before I leave school. Behind every successful person is a mentor. Someone who inspired them, who taught them and gave them counsel. Aristotle was Alexander the Great’s teacher from a very young age and he managed to conquer all the known world!
  • To embark on lifelong learning. It’s fine for me to say that I’m learning all the time now, but right now it’s partly encroached upon me by school, who knows what will happen at the sudden loss of this persuasive hand. So for the rest of my life I aim to try and learn something new every day.
  • To read often and widely. In this current predicament I am reading a book a week generally, right now books are my mentor and I aim to continue on reading them for the rest of my life.
  • To monetise myself before I leave school. To have my own financial security right after leaving school seems ideal. It means I will have the security to go to University and the opportunity to not live in financial scarcity. Currently the path seems unclear but the destination is fixed.
  • To identify and remove any poison drips in my life. Poison drips are anything that does you more harm that good. This might seem like an obvious step but is one that should be highlighted as important. There are the clear examples such as drugs like Heroin and alcohol, and less distinct ones such as your phone, salty, sugary and fatty foods, and even a family member. (Though some of these things can be enjoyed in moderation, it should only under your terms -apart from heroin, never do heroin).
  • To master my mind AND my body. As Elliot Hulse says: “The mind is the body.” To many people try and just become clever, smart rich etc… but become successful is holistic. Your body is a system and should be treated like one. If your mind is strong but your body is weak you will become sick and unwell, if you only train your body and not your mind you will become oafish and stupid.
  • To exude good feelings. As spiritualists will say “Good energy can only attract good energy.” This will help me change the lives of others and also to attract like minded people to my cause. “People with options don’t want to be with bad energy.” Doing this will also help expand my social circle and reach.

5 thoughts on “Founder’s Letter

  1. Hia! 🙂
    I’ll say this straight out: you’re someone I admire. You know EXACTLY what you want to do and how to do it, and you stick to those things. That’s what everyone should do, really, or rather it’s what I should do. I really, really love your blog and the things you write, especially your gender chasm post, because it helped me and made me think. Keep writing!
    From Elm 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay.
    First off, how can you make such awesome posts every-freaking-day?! Secondly, you inspire me. To have these concrete aspirations and goals for yourself and your blog is truly amazing and I feel embarrassed of my existence.
    Melodrama aside, I’m glad I found your blog 😊 I look forward to reading what you’ll write next!

    Liked by 1 person

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